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La Condesa

243 years after La Condesa’s death there are still whispers of her evil, her eroticism and her wealth. The granddaughter of the First Count of Miravalle, María Magdalena Catarina Dávalos de Bracamonte owned 169,153 acres including the area now known as La Condesa. She was also a poet and was equally famous for her parties, which could last up unto a month.


Some accounts describe her as beautiful, others as ugly, yet no portrait of her exists. Nonetheless she was famous for having numerous lovers and known to murder them after she got bored, often by ordering them to be wrapped in a wet cow hide and laid out in the sun to suffocate.

Regardless of her wealth, she held on to it tightly by regularly hiding it and poisoning the servants who helped her do so. She even went so far as to block donations to the church which led to her eventual excommunication. This disregard for the Church also led her to carry on sexual relations with a friar for much of her life up to the point when he poisoned her and La Condesa’s life became little more than a forbidden myth. 

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