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No trip to the zoo will ever be the same.



Ever wondered about the love lives of animals? You have now. There's voyeurism, infidelity, sex changes and detachable penises, and that's only the beginning. 


Inside you'll find the answers to life's most pressing questions, like 'what gets pandas in the mood?' or 'how do chickens practice birth control'? Your trips to the zoo will never be the same.


Buy this book to take you through the terrifying and heartwarming sex lives of animals.

28 Pages - A4 Size - 140g Paper



Armed with an eye for the essential and a taste for the absurd, Caleb Screpnek illustrates moments both imagined and experienced. He has worked as a writer, stand-up comedian, and fine artist, but now uses illustration as a means of fusing all three roots into something beautiful. While the works are colored digitally, each one begins with paper and pen because, let's be real, analog is king.

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"I bought this as a coffee table book for my living room and it's been an amazing icebreaker when guests come by. I love anything that brings laughter to my home, so this has been a winner. Definitely recommended."



Berlin, Germany

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Animal Sex Facts

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