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Hi, I'm Caleb,

I work with writers, agencies, and city councils, helping them tell their stories in vivid color and striking images. We’ll work together gathering ideas, color, and inspiration to create your custom work. You'll experience the evolution of the work as I share stages of my process until we have a result you're thrilled with. 


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I approach each subject in search of their story and how I might retell that story in a beautiful and captivating way. I work mostly with bright colours and bold forms to create as great an impact as possible on audiences.  

We'll collaborate from start to finish beginning with your story. Gathering colors, images, and inspiration, we'll handcraft a mural which reflects your unique personality. 

Are you a non-profit with a social cause or story that deserves to be highlighted with a mural? Write me a short e-mail below introducing yourself and your idea for the chance to have me paint it for free.





Caleb's mural was just the breath of life our new office needed and perfectly reflects our mission and values. My team was also thrilled and have actually started working from the office more often again.

Leon Mueller


Founder & CEO

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We’ve worked with Caleb for 

the past five years as we know we can always count on his great work. We also really enjoy to work with him as he is a sympathetic and solution-oriented person.

Dr. Diana Marossek

Street Art Berlin

Founder & CEO

Diana Portrait.png

Caleb approached the brief with the utmost creativity and professionalism, conceptualising our ideas into a visually stunning mural with a beautiful message. He transformed a waiting room into a destination for people to take photos and linger. It's become a focal point of our venue!

Nicole Fernandes

Space 14

Venue Director

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Armed with an eye for the essential and a taste for the absurd, Caleb Screpnek illustrates moments both imagined and experienced. He has worked as a writer, stand-up comedian, and fine artist, but now uses illustration as a means of fusing all three roots into something beautiful. While the works are colored digitally, each one begins with paper and pen as the analog process is what it's all about.

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